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August 8, 2019 – v1.2.1 Available Now!

Thanks to a revitalization by CommieDog, we are proud to announce the release of a new version of The Forgotten, featuring balance changes for the Forgotten faction and bug fixes.

Download 1.2.1 Full Version (840 MB)

Changes for The Forgotten 1.2.1:

  • Longhorn passenger capacity increased from 1 to 2
  • Longhorn passenger damage boost decreased from 75% to 10%
  • Longhorn graphical glitch with passengers firing from front of barrel fixed
  • Volley Fire ability added to Slicer
  • Slicer weapon projectile speed increased 75%
  • Jeep damage against aircraft reduced 25%
  • Slicer now fires missile continuously instead of in tight salvos
  • Slicer no longer launches some missiles from center of chassis
  • Slicer DPS very slightly increased
  • Fixed animation blending issues with Bulldozer
  • Reworked Bulldozer code to be less fussy about attacking
  • Messenger AI bug preventing deployment for AI fixed

Changes for The Forgotten 1.2.0:

  • Longhorn passenger capacity reduced from 4 to 1
  • Longhorn passengers now receive 75% damage bonus
  • Longhorn prerequisite changed from Tacitus Library to Garden of Life
  • Longhorn damage against tank and heavy units increased 50%
  • Tiberium Fiend weapon damage increased from 60 to 75
  • Bulldozer now immune to mines and Disintegrator's crush death weapon
  • Jeep speed reduced from 130 to 110
  • Jeep DPS increased by about 78%
  • Jeep damage taken from GUN and GRENADE weapons decreased by 25%
  • Jeep damage taken from rocket weapons increased by 10%
  • War Camper base damage increased from 500 to 600
  • War Camper damage multiple for aircraft decreased from 120% to 100%
  • War Camper range increased from 250 to 275
  • New Fissure Tank projectile model added (thanks Egozi)
  • Fissure Tank acceleration and turn rate greatly increased
  • Fissure Tank now puts tread tracks on the ground when it moves
  • Fissure Tank damage taken from GUN and GRENADE weapons reduced by 50%
  • Logistics Blimp missile jamming code reworked, now much more effective
  • Fixed typo in Veinhole Monster superweapon description

12/29/2010 – v1.1 Available Now!

The Forgotten are back--again! Fresh off finishing #3 in the Singleplayer Mod of the Year category and garnering tens of thousands of downloads, the team has released patch 1.1 for the mod, with a host of bug fixes and some minor balance improvements so that the world of The Forgotten can come alive in even more realistic and immersive ways. You can see the full change log here. For those of you who are new to the mod, it features a story-driven campaign, HD Full Motion Videos, and the chance to lead a rebellion no one thought possible. Maybe our new trailer will show a bit more. Take a look:

1.1 Patch (1MB--requires version 1.0)
Full 1.1 Version (863 MB)

9/21/2010 – v1.0 Available Now!
» Download

The wait is over.

For more than the past three years, we've imagined, designed, and built this mod, for no compensation save the joy of creation. It truly has been a global project, with contributions from over 38 people from all over the globe (and 40 more testers). Now, it's our profound pleasure to share the result with you. It is no exaggeration to say that we have worked for this day for years. With pride at what we have accomplished and humility because of our great fans, we present our launch trailer.

Our mod tells the story of The Forgotten, a group legendary in Command and Conquer lore from their appearances in Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm. Afflicted with Tiberium-based illnesses, their determination, resourcefulness, and shared anger make them a potent threat to the superpowers that have shunned them for so long. Yet after C&C Firestorm, their fate remained uncertain, as their story was never continued in Command and Conquer 3. We have sought over the last three years to rekindle their tale, enlivening it with high definition full motion videos (produced in conjunction with the talented team at Broken Wall Films), a unique set of units and structures, and an immersive campaign replete with a variety of beautiful environments and challenging missions. To further enhance replay value, we have created five additional battlefields for skirmish and online play.

If you are looking for a return to classic RTS gameplay, if you want to dive into a C&C story, or if you think you're ready to face some of the most challenging missions out there, this is the mod you've been waiting for. 

The leader of The Forgotten, Salvadore Trogan, is fond of saying, "The future is to be invented." And so it is. We invite you to step into Trogan's world, to become his right-hand man, and to lead a rebellion like none other. It will not be easy. Indeed, whether The Forgotten can win against three powerful superpowers--whatever winning means--is an open question. One thing is certain, however: they have no intention of being neglected, ignored, and shunned any more. Indeed, they no longer want to be The Forgotten.

It is time to invent the future. Download now.


The Forgotten Features:
  • An entirely new faction, complete with 20 new units, 20 new structures, and 8 new upgrades
  • Devastating new support powers and superweapons, such as the Ion Tempest, Tiberium Vein Monster, and map-spanning tunnels
  • A full narrative-driven campaign, with challenging missions and high definition full motion videos
  • The return of Tiberium life, with Tiberium Fiends, Visceroids, classic pod Tiberium, and the Tiberium Vein Monster
  • The return of classic C&C units such as the Tick Tank, Disc Thrower, and Hunter-Seeker Drone
  • Five additional skirmish and multiplayer battlefields
  • A revamped audio focus, with a brand new soundtrack and new voices for Forgotten units
  • A classic, C&C-style installer complete with a video introduction to the mod
  • A complete backstory told through "story artifacts" included with the mod
  • A full 32-page color manual to acclimate you to the world of The Forgotten and adjustable difficulty levels for novice and veteran players alike

C&C 3: The Forgotten News

On Pace for Release: More Screens, and Two New Structures
Posted by: Blbpaws on 09/09/10

We continue to march towards our release goal of September 21st, just 12 short days away. Today you can see four new screens from mission 2--a great three faction battle created by Predatore, Drummin, Phe0n1x, and myself. 

Mission 2 Mission 2

Mission 2 Mission 2

We're also ready to show our new tech structure. The Upgrade Center, by Tsumetai, is replaces the Hovel in C&C 3: The Forgotten. When captured, it grants the player the choice of 3 different free "upgrades:" one each for speed, armor, and firepower. The upgrades provide a 10% bonus in the respective category to all of the player's forces. Tsumetai also created the Fortification, walls that can be built by The Forgotten in skirmish and multiplayer modes.

Base with Walls  The Upgrade Center


The drumbeat of progress continues on--the final stretch is a great time for this mod, and we're excited to be able to give it to you real soon. Next time, we'll have a great set of images for you of The Forgotten's superweapon, the Veinhole Chamber, and before you know it, it'll be time for the launch trailer!

More from "The Forgotten's" Battlefield--Two New Maps Revealed!
Posted by: Blbpaws on 8/17/10

We've got six new screens and two new posters to show you over at C&C 3: The Forgotten, all from skirmish maps created by Predatore. Buenos Aires Night is up first. It's a map set far from the killing fields of Europe commonly seen in The Forgotten's campaign. An elegant city, this battlefield is no less deadly. Its asymmetric urban layout yet symmetric resource allocation makes it an ideal locale for balanced and interesting combat. The expert lighting work gives the city a unique character, but reveals a cityscape that, however modern, is still torn by war.

Hurricane Desert is a two player skirmish map that reveals how this war has spread to the farthest reaches of the Earth. Set in a desert, this asymmetrical battlefield still offers balanced and competitive play. Huge rock formations, elegant cliffsides, and a lone water source offer endless tactical possibilities. This desert is anything but dull.

See more media here. We also have a new piece of "Forgotten Fiction"--our series of story artifacts set in the time period just before the mod picks up. This one is called "The Code of the Open Hand" and is a GDI intelligence report. You can read it here and can learn more about our story--including the other Forgotten Fictions--here.

Inside "The Forgotten's" Skirmish Maps: 18 New Screens!
Posted by: Blbpaws on 7/18/10

The drumbeat of progress continues at C&C 3: The Forgotten, and we're proud to announce that, in addition to the full campaign, we're also going to be including some custom-made skirmish maps. These maps give us the freedom to explore some neat gameplay elements while not being as strictly tied down to the story. They'll be a great place to practice before trying some of our more challenging misssions, or to just explore the full Forgotten tech tree. Today, we'll showcase three of them: GDI Space Command, Unfriendly Skies, and Alpine Valleys, all created by our staff member Predatore.

For those looking for a change of base from the desolate settings of the mod's Red Zones, look no further. GDI Space Command showcases the hub of GDI's extraplanetary operations, a site of tremendous strategical importance. Intricate levels of detail will make you appreciate the surroundings, but don't take your eyes off the battle for too long in this combat-heavy map.

Similar to some of the darkest missions from the campaign, Unfriendly Skies takes place in a battlefield where Mother Nature herself is also an obstacle. Devastating and unpredictable Ion Storms sweep the terrain, confronting all involved and demonstrating that in this war, even the quietest moments can quickly turn deadly.

For those who like long battles, Alpine Valleys is an excellent choice. The map features a realistic day-night cycle, as well as ample opportunities for explosive combat between all four factions.

You can see more screenshots from these maps and the rest of the mod on our media page.

One other bit of news: the current release date we are aiming for is sometime in mid-September. We've made a great deal of progress with the mod, and I can say we're probably well over 90% done, but it's this last push that will make this mod all it can be, and we're going to give it everything we've got. Thanks for your patience, and we hope it's worth the wait. If you think you can help us get there faster, fill out a beta tester application.

Inside "The Forgotten's" Missions: 12 New Screens!
Posted by: Blbpaws on 6/28/10

Our goal with The Forgotten has always been to make the C&C story, and the story of a very specific group of people, come alive. We're doing that with high definition videos, with additional background fiction, and with our immersive campaign. We've shown off our theatrical trailer before, and our story artifacts, so today let's take a look at 12 new screens from missions 4 and 5, created by Predatore and Drummin.

Mission 4 is an immense yet beautiful challenge. You must defeat both Nod and GDI forces and clear the coastline, though you have a variety of ways to accomplish this task. The Red Zone itself poses its own challenges, however, as deadly ion storms, variable lighting, and intricate terrain confront all involved. Here are three screens (five more are available in the moddb image gallery or on our media page):

Mission 5 is a very challenging mission that features an intense fourway battle between GDI, Nod, the Scrin, and The Forgotten with an intriguing web of uncertain alliances. Set in an expansive map around the ruin of a mostly-destroyed city, players will need to use every aspect of their forces and strategies to meet with success. Here are three images (again, more available in the moddb image gallery or on our media page):

We're making great progress on the mod, and we're looking to add a few beta testers. If you think you can provide high-quality feedback, fill out a Beta Application now!

Tiberium Silo and Tunnel Network Revealed; Interview with
Posted by: Blbpaws on 5/25/10

We have two new structures to show off today, as well as an interview with the German speaking community. Those of you who do speak German will want to head to for our first ever foreign language piece. In the interview, I provide some background on both this mod and our other mod, The Red Alert, as well as modding for C&C in general.

For those who prefer English, we have the Tunnel networks to explain. For The Forgotten, they work slightly differently than in past C&C games; each tunnel network node is activated by a support power, and must be placed within a certain distance of another node or of the Construction Yard. The tunnels allow The Forgotten to move up to three units at any one time across the map at high speed. They were created by Andy Littleton and Tsumetai. We also have the Tiberium Silo, which stores the Tiberium collected by The Forgotten on the battlefield.

For those who prefer the universal language of pictures, here you go, fresh shots of a Forgotten base, the tunnel network, the Silo, and an up-close screen of the Sidewinder (as always, you can see more on our media page:

Four New Screens, an Interview, and New Forgotten Fiction
Posted by: Blbpaws on 4/10/10

We've got a lot to show you today at our in-house mod, C&C 3: The Forgotten. First off, some screenshots showing off new two new units and a structure. You can see the Sidewinder, a light attack jet by Rishi and Kane Nash, below, as well as the Machine Shop, the vehicle production hub brought to life by paimail, Kane Nash, and Tsumetai.


Next up we have two new screenshots of the Jeep, by the very talented Nielsen. They will serve as a light attack unit that specialize in killing infantry.


You can, as always, see more on our media page. As we've said many times, one of our mod's highlights is its immersive story, told with HD full motion video. If you're interested in learning more about that, see this interview I did with chickendippers of CNCWorld. You may also be interested in our second edition of Forgotten Fiction, the add-on series of story "artifacts" we're creating to lend even more depth to our tale. This piece, entitled "From the Journal of Raven Hades," is an e-diary entry by the former intelligence partner of The Forgotten's leader, Salvadore Trogan. Read it here.

Mission 3 Unveiled, Along with "Forgotten Fiction" and the Training Grounds
Posted by: Blbpaws on 3/08/10

The time has come to delve deeper into the story of The Forgotten. Our mod is unique because while so many attempt to merely add to the gameplay, we seek to add to the fiction of C&C as well. That's why we're teling our story with full HD videos--see our theatrical trailer--and that's why we're proud to show off one of the missions from our campaign with you. For those of you who want even more about the story, we have an artifact, the first in a series called "Forgotten Fiction," to show off.

Mission 3's aesthetics were designed by the talented Predatore, a wonderful addition to our staff, while the fiercesome Nod forces come to life through Drummin's creative scripting. With a Red Zone this beautiful and intricate, pictures speak louder than words:
In the Forgotten base above, you can see the Training Grounds, created by Kane Nash. It will permit you to upgrade your infantry forces, the better to take the fight to the superpowers. You can see more images on our Media page.

Sometimes, missions, even missions with videos, aren't enough to give all the depth we'd like to our story. So for those of you interested in learning more about the mysterious Forgotten, we've begun a new series called "Forgotten Fiction." It's a series of artifacts from the time in which the mod takes place. The first one is the Morning Dawn Report, a short GDI Intelligence piece on an operation into the Red Zones and their encounters with the restless natives. Give it a look (PDF) if you want to learn more about our unique universe.

And finally, a help wanted request. We're looking for a talented artist to make cameo images for us (the pictures on the purchase icons), in a style similar to C&C 3's. If you think you have the requisite skills, email me (previous experience is very helpful). Now's a great time to join the team--we're about to hit beta for the project!

Beta Applications Open; MCV/Conyard Revealed; New Promo Art
Posted by: Blbpaws on 2/08/10

It's a time of major progress here at The Forgotten. We're officially ready to move into beta stage, we're making great progress on missions (you'll see some more in our next update, thanks to our new mapper Predatore), and the art team is doing great work as usual while coder extraordinaire CommieDog gets it all in game. It's time for some of you to see the results. If you want to contribute to the mod by playtesting and providing careful, insightful feedback, visit our Beta Application page to explain why we should bring you on board.

Second, our Head Artist Tsumetai has finished up the MCV and Conyard, both of which you can see below. As always, there's more art on our Media page.
Lastly, Kane Nash has completed another impressive piece of promotional art, depicting an intense battle between the superpowers and The Forgotten.

Forgotten Battle

Top 100 Mod; Three New Units Revealed!
Posted by: Blbpaws on 01/18/10

We're back only a few weeks after we released the first theatrical trailer in modding--which garnered almost 20,000 views in that short time. Shortly after we announced that we would be the first mod ever to feature a full campaign accompanied by high definition videos, we were named one of the top 100 mods for any game by Moddb. The second round of voting has begun in the Mod of the Year contest, and we would greatly appreciate your vote.

Today, we're here to show off some more of our gameplay, revealing three new units from The Forgotten's air force. Below you can see in-game screenshots of the Logistics Blimp (by Nielsen), and check out a promotional piece of concept art of the Sidewinder, Logistics Blimp, and Transport Plane (by Kane Nash).

Forgotten Air Force Promo

The Logistics Blimp is a tactical support unit that caters to commanders who love finesse. Gliding high above the battlefield, it offers Forgotten commanders excellent tactical views--permitting friendly units to fire farther. It also can jam nearby enemy missiles. The Sidewinder is a basic attack aircraft. It has one accurate nose cannon that excels at picking off infantry, and six wing guns which spray the battlefield with bullets. The Transport plane is used in a Forgotten special ability, permitting them to quickly airdrop units and spread out over the map. The final unit in The Forgotten's air force is the already-announced Impact Drone. You can read about all of these units on our Units page, and see pictures and videos of them on our Media page.

Remember, if you haven't already voted, the team would love your support in the Mod of the Year awards. We think The Forgotten's story deserves to be told, and we appreciate your effort in spreading the word. Like our group of rebels, true C&C stories won't be forgotten.

C&C 3: The Forgotten to be First Mod with Full Motion Video; Theatrical Trailer Released
Posted by: Blbpaws on 12/23/09

Just in time for Christmas (and Mod of the Year voting) comes what we consider one of the biggest C&C modding announcements ever, and one we've kept under wraps for months now: in true C&C fashion, we will be telling The Forgotten's story through immersive 1080p full motion video, the first mod to include such a feature. It's something we knew we wanted to try to do, because there's simply something innately C&C about hearing and seeing the characters central to your mission. As a Forgotten commander, you will interact directly with former Nod spy and current Forgotten political leader Salvadore Trogan (played by Rick Desilets) as you lead a rebellion no one else thought possible.

The full motion videos are written by Blbpaws, directed by Alex Laferriere, and produced by Nick Allain and Steven DiTullio. You can see all our other work on our Media page. Think you'd be an asset to the team? Let us know! We're always looking for talented people, mappers, voice artists, and 2D artists in particular.

Six New Screens Released, Three Structures and Units Announced
Posted by: Blbpaws on 11/19/09

We've been very hard at work over the past few months, and we're nearing completion of the in-game art, as well as our special and still-secret feature (to be announced soon, we promise). To this end, we've got some new in-game screens to show off for you guys, including some featuring our newly-announced additions, the Tick Tank, the Crane, and the Relay Station.

The Tick Tank, an old Nod stalwart from the Second Tiberian war, is the main battle tank of choice for The Forgotten. As the player, your actions in the campaign will help acquire it. Though somewhat outdated, Tick Tanks resilient armor, relatively cheap price, and dependability make them solid units in The Forgotten's army. As an added bonus, because so many of The Forgotten fought for Nod in the last war, their commanders are capable of getting the most out of these reliable old tanks, which are capable of burrowing into the ground for added protection.

The Crane and the Relay Station are more straightforward structures. The Crane permits additional building construction, while the Relay Station is essential for utilizing advanced technology and for communicating with the civilian population. Through judicious use of Relay Stations, Forgotten commanders can radicalize and inspire locals to aid their cause, a dangerous force multiplier if left unchecked. Here are four new screens. Two more await you on the Media page.

Forgotten Attack Force

Crane (by Nielsen)

Tick Tank Battle (by Nick Allain and Kane Nash)

Relay Station (by Helge and Kane Nash)
Blbpaws Interviewed At CNCDen--New Media Released
Posted by: Mike on 7/13/09

Blbpaws, mod team leader of our in-house C&C 3 Tiberium Wars mod The Forgotten, has been interviewed by Lion at CNCDEN. The interview includes some newly released in-game screenshots and concept art for the mod. Here's a taste of the interview:

Lion: Are there any special features that your mod will have that will make it stand out against other mods in the C&C community?

Blbpaws: In addition to the unique faction and story, w 've introduced a lot of new gameplay mechanics that we think people will enjoy. There are quite a few of these, but I'll give three examples here. First, Tiberium Fiends are back, but as part of a neat unit, the Beastmaster. Essentially, even though Tiberium life rages wildly, certain members of The Forgotten have a special connection to them. These wise community members, known as Beastmasters, have spent years working with Tiberium life. When the time comes to fight on the battlefield, they'll guide their Fiends into battle with you. Should they get killed on the battlefield, though, their Fiends will no longer obey your orders.

And here's an interesting bit about the mod's story:

C&C 3: The Forgotten Concept Art - Berlin Ruined

Our biggest innovation comes in the story. I'm not quite ready to talk about the details of it too much yet (we'll show you a lot throughout the summer), but I think we're pushing the envelope of what mods can do, and pushing it a lot farther than any other mod has pushed it. We have spent hours and hours on the story--we have seven people who primarily handle bringing the missions and plot to life, plus my contributions--and I'm confident that it will be something very special in the end. In fact, here’s something that maybe will give you a hint of where we’re going, mood-wise. It’s a piece of promo art created by Kane Nash, and it shows the scene of a key battleground in the mod’s story. Of course, I can't tell you or show you the details or even how we use this art, but when we do, you'll see what I mean when I say we're pushing the boundaries.

I enourage you to read the interview in its entirety at CNCDEN. Also, be sure to check the Media page for new screenshots from the mod, as well as the Units page for info on a new unit revealed by Blbpaws, the Impact Drone.

New Infantry Trailer for C&C 3: The Forgotten
Posted by: Blbpaws on 5/10/09

At long last, we have another trailer to show you guys. It's mostly combat footage, and it shows off all of the infantry in the mod in various in-game elements. We've also updated the Units page with information on all the infantry so you can learn more about what you see in the video. The infantry artwork was done by Tsumetai, Kane Nash, chronosheep, and stygs, and the coding by the indefatigable CommieDog. You can view a low-quality YouTube version below, or download a high-quality version here (56MB). You can see all our other work on our Media page.

Think you'd be an asset to the team? Let us know! We're always looking for talented people, and texture and 2D artists in particular.

Eight New Screenshots for The Forgotten
Posted by: Blbpaws on 3/22/09

One of the thi gs we like the most about C&C 3: The Forgotten is that it tells a real story with real characters. We think the fans will be quite excited to fight some tremendous, against-all-odds battles in locales ranging from the Blue Zones of Europe to Tiberian Sun-esque environments of hellish Red Zones. Below, you can see seven screenshots from two of our missions, one from a European capital; the other from a crumbling area on the very outskirts of a Yellow Zone. The first mission was made by CaptNeo. Phe0n1x created the second.

Another neat thing we're showing off in this update is our new gameplay mechanic with Tiberium life forms. Often, we get asked if The Forgotten will be able to utilize them to their advantage; they will, but in a unique way. Since naturally not every Mutant has a rapport with Tiberium life, only specially trained individuals can command Tiberium life. Enter Beastmasters. Each is an older soldier who has spent years working with Tiberium Fiends--the Fiends will listen to no one else. Beastmasters will travel with their Fiends all over the battlefield, ordering the Fiends to strike the enemy with great power. But beware, if the Beastmaster of a Fiend sqaud is killed, the Fiends will no longer listen to anyone. That is quite a loss, because the power of Tiberium Fiends is very high, as you can see below.

Special thanks to stygs and chronosheep for their assistance with the Tiberium Fiend art. You can view our complete art gallery on our media page, and learn more about our units on the Units page.

Eight New Images for The Forgotten
Posted by: Blbpaws on 2/16/09

We've got more to show you! As we work on this mod, we get the sense that we're working on something very special, both from a gameplay perspective and a storytelling one. While we hope to tell you more about the storytelling in the future, it's time to show you some of our new units and a new gameplay mechanic that we hope you'll enjoy. We've added three new descriptions to the Units page--showcasing the Bulldozer, Salvager, and Harvester--and two to the Structures page (Refinery and an updated Tacitus Library). You can view renders and in-game shots below.

The Harvester (by Tsumetai)

The Tiberium Refinery (by Tsumetai)

Base with Tacitus Library

Attack on a Forgotten Base (from a campaign mission by phe0n1x)

The Bulldozer (by SchindlerJon)

The Bulldozer smashing Nod tanks (by SchindlerJon)

A Forgotten River Outpost

The Slicer (by Kane Nash)
We also want to showcase the new gameplay mechanic of the Bulldozer. Of course, in Generals, they were used for construction. Not so here! They are merely raw machines of destructive force. From the description: "Resourceful as ever, The Forgotten regcognize the dual use of construction equipment. In an effort to add firepower to their army, they have taken vehicles previously used for construction, and instead modified them to be makeshift battering rams, capable of ramming with great force into enemy infantry, vehicles and structures. Advanced Forgotten commanders have also managed to run electricity through the spikes on the outside of the dozer, frying enemy units that get too close."

See more at our Media page or learn more about our Units or Structures. Check back soon. We have another update almost ready to go for you, and then we hope to have a video with a special announcement included.

New Forgotten Trailer
Posted by: Blbpaws on 10/28/08

We've completed our first video for The Forgotten, a short trailer showcasing a bit of the plot and some of the units and structures we have in game. While I don't think this video does justice to the fun to be had commanding The Forgotten's army, hopefully it will help you guys get a better sense for the art direction of the mod and the relationships between GDI, Nod, and The Forgotten (hint: no one likes a rebellion). You can find a higher quality version here or use the YouTube video below. Don't forget to tell us what you think in the forums!

Media Update, with Renders, Screens, and Concept Art
Posted by: Blbpaws on 09/20/08

So it's been four months since we announced the mod, and we've managed to pull ourselves away from playing the internal version to get some nice renders and screens for you to see. We have two renders, five screens, and one bonus piece of concept art for you to examine. You can read more about our newly-revealed units and structures--the Slicer, the Longhorn, the Mortar Tower, and the Tacitus Library--on our units and structures pages. In addition, we've also begun developing the singleplayer campaign for the mod, something we are very excited about, and will be showcasing more in the future.

We promise it won't be four months until the next update. In the meantime, enjoy!

The pride of the Forgotten, the Longhorn (by Andy Littleton)

The EMP Mortar Tower (by Tsumetai)

The Tacitus Library, where the secrets of The Forgotten are kept (by Kane Nash)

A Forgotten outpost, with defended Power Stations (by Tsumetai, paimail, and Kane Nash)

A Forgotten attack force. Run while you can. (By Andy Littleton, Kane Nash Tsumetai)

The fearsome EMP Mortar Tower in game, capable of frying and destroying enemy vehicles (by Tsumetai)

A Forgotten base, heavily defended by Mortar Towers, Marauders, and Slicers

A Forgotten base, home of innovation and indignation

C&C 3: The Forgotten Announced; New Media Released
Posted By: Blbpaws on 05/20/08

We've officially announced the mod, a project that has been in development since last August. For us, this is a great oppurtunity to build on our success with All Stars. While we all loved that mod dearly, and felt it was a tribute to C&C, this time around we're aiming for something a little bit different: we want to tell a story. We want to tell a story based in C&C, with real human characters, and a real campaign. The Forgotten are a perfect people to bring to the forefront of our story; as we say above, they're very much a part of C&C, and just as special as the other factions, yet they are unique. We plan on exploring this uniqueness--and the resulting moral ambiguity--from The Forgotten's perspective in our campaign.

But enough text. How about some concept art, promo images, and screenshots?

Light Jeep
The Light Jeep (by Kane Nash)
Fissure Tank
The Fissure Tank (by Kane Nash)
Garden of Life
The Garden of Life (by Kane Nash)
Power Station In-Game
The Power Station In-Game (by Tsumetai)
War Camper In-Game
The War Camper In-Game (by Tsumetai)
War Camper In-Game
The War Camper In-Game (by Tsumetai)
A Forgotten Infantry Concept Art
A Forgotten infantry concept art (by Kane Nash)