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In addition to the plot summary below, we have begun to produce "artifacts" from C&C 3: The Forgotten's story. These provide a primary source perspective on the events occuring just prior to where the mod picks up.


The year is 2047. The Third Tiberium War continues to rage on, with the Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod, and the Scrin deadlocked in a seemingly endless fight. The incessant warfare continues to cause serious and lasting damage to Planet Earth, and, even more so, to Planet Earth's inhabitants. The vast majority of these inhabitants are poor, stuck in dilapidated Red or Yellow Zones, unemployed, angry, sick, and ignored. In this state, disregarded by the major fighting powers and left with little resources, these people christen themselves with the title used by past war victims: The Forgotten.

The grouping "The Forgotten" is at best a loose lumping together of the various clusters of people, generally isolated in various decrepit areas of the planet. They are linked not by uniform, race, or ideology—many at one time supported GDI, while vast numbers once considered their best hopes to lie with the Brotherhood—but by status. All victims of The Third Tiberium War, all suffering from some level of Tiberium mutation, they find company only in those who are like them. Inherently mistrustful of the forces that be, who are sipping martinis and ordering men into battle from a bank of computers in some Blue Zone or dwelling in some ornate "Temple" in the desert, The Forgotten are unified by their desperation and their hate for those who have rendered them in such a state. In short, they are a people abandoned but not incapable, forgotten but not inept. They are a people with nothing to lose—a very dangerous people indeed.

The closest thing The Forgotten have to a leader is a mutant named Salvador Trogan, a native of East Germany. Once little more than a street thug with no education or formal training, at the age of seventeen Trogan fell for the ideology of Kane and Nod, and served as a low-level spy for Nod in the Second Tiberium War. He spent years reporting on Mutant activities and their connections to GDI. After the defeat of Nod, however, Trogan was left largely to fend for himself. Nod warped more and more into a structured global superpower consumed with a desire to possess weapons of mass destruction and caring less and less about the Mutants, perceiving them to lack any strategic skills and be too crippled by their mutations to serve as effective foot soldiers.

During the gap between the wars, Trogan saw himself emerge as the de facto leader of the East German Red Zones, the man in charge of a populace awed by his increasingly more heroic war stories. Trogan embraced this role, and realized that the people saw in him what they did not see anywhere else: a mutant like themselves who had fought bravely and ably in war, who fended for himself and his community, and, who, above all, disproved the notion that the mutants were weak, as he fought his Tiberium illness and outlasted many in the community who succumbed to theirs.

Trogan proved himself to not only be an expert sleuth and saboteur, but a leader with tremendous political acumen. Cognizant of the people's struggles and eager to retain his position, he realized that the one who consistently provided for the people would be the one who they trusted. Able to lead the mutant community into the production of certainly meager, but not insignificant, amounts of much needed food and medicine, Trogan's legend grew. Most importantly, he was able to spin the occasional outreach by Nod or GDI as a mere effort by a superpower to bribe the hearts and minds of a local populace they neither understood nor cared about. In so doing, he remained the only trusted—if not revered—figure in the community of The Forgotten.

Gradually, as the Third Tiberium War sparked and raged, conditions became worse and worse for The Forgotten, especially as the continued use of Tiberium weapons grew the mutants' numbers substantially. Trogan, never one to miss an opportunity and well aware of the vulnerable position of all three factions, began to rally and equip his forces in the East German Red Zones. Whether he was spurred to act by the people's restlessness, or whether he encouraged the uprising to further his own motives is unclear and unknowable. What is apparent, though, is that as the war continued in 2047, Trogan's Red Zones were gearing up for a fight, believing that while they were outgunned in nearly every respect, they were obliged to fight, if only because there was nothing else to do.

These are the conditions that exist at the beginning of our story. A ragtag army, led by a leader loyal to no one and composed of desperate individuals in varying forms of illness, aims to join the fray of the most brutal war in human history. Whether they think they can win—whether they even want to win, whatever winning means—is an open question. One thing is certain, however: they have no intention of being ignored and shunned. Indeed, they no longer want to be The Forgotten.