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Apply to Join The Forgotten Private Beta

Thank you for your interest in C&C 3: The Forgotten, a mod by C&C Labs. After two and half years of work, we're excited to be able to show the project off to a limited group of individuals and get constructive, insightful feedback from them.

Beta testing is a critical part of making our mod the best it can be, and we seek only the most dedicated and capable testers. If all you want is to play the mod early, testing is not for you. If however, you're willing to carefully consider the merits and weaknesses of a still-incomplete mod, meticuously look for flaws, and make insightful balance suggestions (realizing that we can't make major changes at this point, such as adding lots of new units), we'd like to have you aboard!

E-mail Address:

Which of the following CNC series games have you played?

Have you ever worked on or tester for a mod or game before? If so, which mod or game?
Also list any mod making experience here.

How familiar are you with The Forgotten mod and the broader C&C story?
We are seeking testers with a range of backgrounds.

Please list any additional info or qualifications, or reasons why you should be selected over someone else. We have a lot of demand for these spots. Why you?

By submitting this application, you agree that you will not share any non-public images, files, information, or copyrighted material from C&C 3: The Forgotten with anyone not on the development staff.